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Napalm Sandwich is more about how the world treats us than how we want it. Ain't life a bitch! Mind you if I went through a fraction of Robert's life I believe I would be in permanent therapy. But then we can't all live in the fast lane, let alone cope with fast, aggressive oncoming traffic. A novel set before the end of the cold war when Russia was open to foreign visitors but rather wary. Still, whatever the climate there are always beautiful women around, you just need to live with the complications. - E £6

Perhaps it is best to let sleeping dogs lie, difficult I admit when you are not sure what the shape beneath the blanket is, Peke or Doberman. There was a fox with a frozen heart still trying to get the smell of napalm out of his nostrils and bears out of his mind. Perhaps Graham should have left well alone. This is about a conflict of interest, good and evil. It even seemed as though Robert's lost love hadn't forgotten him, still had his welfare at heart.

Sequel to Napalm Sandwich - E £6

Appearances are not always as straight forwards as they seem. Take Emma, a stunning young woman who had endured a horrendous childhood, serious physical abuse not only from her father but also countless others. Paedophiles to put it bluntly. Only rather than turn her into a bitter twisted person it had pointed her towards what she saw as a purposeful path through life, helping those whose voice in a courtroom was frequently insufficient. The trouble was it had a tendency to stun the public and almost frighten the police. Not that secretly they didn't admire her, well if they had realised who was behind improving the crime statistics. Do you imagine you could pick her out of a crowd? - E £6 *please be aware that parts of this are rather descriptie in an adult way, some sensitive readers may find some occasional character forming paragraphs a little difficult, it was felt necessary to indicate the intensity of emotions, put reason behind Emma's mask. This book does not glorify unnatural behaviour, that will be all too obvious when punishment is dispensed.

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When it seems that you tend to walk into dramatic situations wherever they occur it sometimes pays to let them play out how Fate intended, just so long as you don't consider it too dangerous. As Emma had no fear and had escaped death on more than one occasion she was revelling it it. It was just that very few people realised she had a substantial career as a deadly hunting cat. In fact she was to all intent and purpose the Angel of Death. Well someone had to fill the part. ....... sequel to Angel's Revenge - E £6

Many of us may be disillusioned with life, if we are concerned enough we may even strive to make changes. Few would consider retreating into another state of consciousness perhaps even a parellel dimension, especially one that may prove hazardous to our health, presuming we knew how. Richard found a way and thought he knew better. Fool that he was. ... An adult thriller which proves that mental fantasy can influence your health and scare you witless. - E £5

Somewhere out there is the Great Adventure waiting to lead us to fortune and glory. Of course most people miss the opportunity or fall by the wayside. Still if we envelop ourselves in an environment with such immense potential there are likely to be dangers. If so a decision is placed before us, a chance to gamble. In Robert's case it seemed like a simple alternative, normal life, or his death. Yet something in his blood, the thrill of the chase kept him going. Deeper into danger, closer to the edge. It had such a hold on him he just didn't want to stop. - E £5£5know when to let go.