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Whom amongst us has not at sometime pictured a gypsy woman leant over a crystal ball, smiling, her hand reaching eagerly out for payment.
Perhaps our lives are affected by outside influence, by the stars, by the Book of Life! Perhaps there are those within our ranks who can indeed see into the future.
Throughout our existence it seems we are faced with choices, but are the decisions we make our own, or do we blindly follow our destiny.
Ask a gypsy, though she may not tell you all she sees.
First love, a wonderful notion, well if it lasted. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all find happiness so easily. I dream of Jeanie, Rachel even Mary, but I miss Hazel, still this isn't about me. Daniel's first love was unrequited, his second heart breaking and his third his wife. A shame he had not discovered before the wedding that his betrothed had an alias, the whore of Babylon. As if that wasn't enough he sold his soul to the Devil to retain what was left of his sanity. Give the poor man a break. -:- Cross genre romance