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There are many mysteries in the world, things were do not understand, perhaps do not even believe in. That does not mean we should close our minds to the possibility of the unknown. Maybe science has banished the UFO by stating categorically that other worlds are too far away. But even if we chose not to suggest alternative means of travel there are enough anomalies here to puzzle over.
Just how sure can anyone be that ghosts do not exist? Or even if there is an afterlife? Then there are more distressing notions, God's Dead Pool, unusual natural catastrophes, maybe even the existence or Cerberus. Maybe that is a dog too far.
If your barber questions the thumb print on the top of your head who do you turn to for advice? Especially if evidence suggests that there is an almighty, if not Satanic force behind it. - Ghostly thriller - E £0 FREE
Having discovered that there was without doubt life after death it rapidly became obvious that the knowledge could be used to great advantage. It is possible for anyone, almost anyone to become a great detective only apart from Jack having a talent which made his methods virtually unique there were other considerations. After all death, especially violent death has certain characteristics, most of which are unpleasant, so to immerse yourself in the dark world you were going to need a cast iron constitution. What was going to totally blow anyone's wiring was that when you get down to the vaguaries of the spirit world it becomes obvious that more is possible than you could dream about. - sequel to Contemplating Immortality - E £3
Once you accept the existence of an afterlife it brings more perspective into many aspects of our passage through time. There will obviously always be heroes and villains, it is just that the scope widens. Many people amble through life trying to keep a low profile, but when you have an incredible talent it would be a waste to disregard it.
When a criminal burgles a house there may be no witnesses, but there is always one at a murder; even if they are dead, they may want a say in the matter. So, if you feel society needs a little cleansing maybe it is worth lending a hand. Just because the criminal justice system is ineffectual doesn't mean slime doesn't get their just desserts. After all, there are always the men in black! - sequel to Changing Faces - E £5

Life has a way of shaping us, moulding character and influencing moods. Only sometimes it seems as though our paths are forged for little more than amusement. If some omnipotent force was crushing your spirit what would be your breaking point? Well being refused a lottery win might do it for me, only I am not quite sure I would be quite so drastic. At least in the direction of my anger. Still I have yet to win more than ten pounds.

sequel to Flushing Carrion - E £5

We may not believe a 150 ton metal bird can fly but it does. When we find it hard to distinguish between life and fantasy we may worry. But if we discover that what we understood was myth was written in stone then it is the time to either re-evaluate or throw up our hands in despair.

cross genre fantasy horror - E £5

Imagine a world where the air is unbreathable because a tasteless odourless menace hovers unseen, death no more than a membrane away. Remove your mask and you would fall to the earth, a strange fungus seeping from your naked body binding you firmly to await a slow agonizing fate. Yet even those protected from this plague were not safe, savage beasts lurking in the shadows eager to tear, feast on your entrails. Virtually unstoppable demons that could shatter doors, seek out your hiding place. Imagine living on that forsaken planet. The name of this hell hole is unmistakeable. Earth! - E £5

The energy of the world flows freely though our lives, yet there are maybe a few who can harness it, for either good or evil. Just as steel bends the Earth's magnetic field around it, there are things that can distort pure energy. So it can be seen, and used by others to their advantage. -:- Fantasy Horror. - E £5
It isn't always obvious what causes us pain, a headache could be anything from a brain tumour to mere stress. So if it doesn't disappear with relaxation therapy or countless tablets perhaps the cause is something more sinister or out of this world. Still some pain remedies are excessive in the extreme, especially when out of your control. But hell, I know I hate the phrase but when one door closes. It is just that the step on the new one may be excessive. E £5
The human mind holds many mysteries, the brain so much potential, vast sections apparently unused. Scientists compare the complex organ to a computer and endeavour to imitate. Religious belief, in reincarnation, could hint at why this power is needed. Not merely to work the body, to recall life's treasures, but to store a record of the soul's many journeys.
A library of stories from past lives, previous incarnations, perhaps to provide entertainment, to brighten up an after life, while the soul waits to return to mortal man.
But is it a good idea to bring the past out into the open? -:- A very adult thriller? - E £5