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If you are tired of your neighbours you move, but what if you are sick to death of crime, greed and the possibility of war. You still move, only further away. Yea, sure.

But they say you shouldn't try to run before you can walk so maybe start off by trying something not that far.

Mars is only a few million miles! - E £6

Fate is perhaps what life has in store for us, our future, something over which we probably have little control. Destiny is someone who doesn't like you enjoying yourself and has a nasty habit of throwing large spanners into the wheels of fate.

Perhaps we should be cautious if things appear to be running smoothly.

Sequel to Mars - E £6

Life is full of dreamers, I know believe me, they amble through time never finding life's thread. But however wild your fantasy, sexual or financial it isn't always beyond the reach of long fingers. Unless of course you are out there with the fairies, but then again, who knows what can happen.

Skydreaming. - E £5

Griff had survived molecular disintegration, gun battles in deep space, even drifting naked for three weeks through the airless void after his ship was destroyed around him.

Now what appeared to be little more than a cloud of smoke was beating him almost senseless.

There had to be an easier way! .... Sequel to Skydreamer - E £5

Just because you can see into the future doesn't mean you can avoid events when the mud hits the fan.

Destiny, the bitch, has plans she likes to see through. So whoever you are you need to remember just who is in control.

Sequel to Vapour Dragon - E £5

Griff had come a long way since sitting watching embers from his bonfire rise into the night sky. Apart from anything else he had been virtually reborn. Only now it seemed that the reason behind his evolution had a lot more behind it than mere chance.

That was if he chose to believe. Still he had always thought that his birth planet needed more that a little surgery. ... Sequel to Avoiding Destiny - E £5

Perhaps we all dream of paradise. When the world around us is crumbling to dust, a flying death threatening us all, then these dreams need fabric.

Only so many people on Earth were unsuitable, liable to corrupt Eden so once again it was necessary to be highly selective.

Blue Eden, well you work it out. The alternative was to remain on Beetleworld. ... Sequel to Chosen Few - E £5

The future is never set in stone.Earth may have gained a new name, Beetleworld, but the intervention of Bach-ael could alter that. But the place to live was now Blue Eden, and they were looking for another input from the old world.

Paradise had everything, even a theme park called Dragonworld. Only however much adults and children enjoyed the thrilling rides it had a facet nobody could have imagined.

Providing you were Rashanese. ... Sequel to Blue Eden - E £5