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They say there are three ‘rules' which lead to the arrest of a murder suspect. Television has made them all familiar, motive, method, opportunity. Perhaps the trouble with the Avery case was deciding exactly what the motive had been. After all, without a murder weapon, the method was open to virtually anyone and it seemed opportunities were readily available.
Life isn't meant to be easy, but after countless years on the force, Blake didn't expect to spend half the case chasing his tail. Brick walls he could handle, it was snakes and ladders he abhorred. - E £5

No matter what the crime you not only have to find the culprit, you need to place him at the scene, the deed still raising a smile on his face. It didn't take Blake long to have his prime suspect, only no visible proof. It seemed to be the only way forwards was to take extreme risks and hope he didn't crash and burn.

So bearing in mind the type of atrocity involved, just how far would he go to get a conviction? - E £5

The characters in the above two novels are engrossed in solving the more heinous crimes with the assistance of Jack Hawkins. There are currently three novels in this series listed under the horror section as they are supernatural thrillers.
There are times when we just feel like sticking our head in the sand and giving up, Anyone who has been abused as a child probably feels as though the whole world is against them, only there are ways to ease suffering. A leather couch may be the most sensible, that doesn't mean it satisfies the needs of a damaged soul. When you are a beautiful young woman a flickering eyebrow can get you almost anywhere. If there is a dead body in the room when you leave he probably deserved to die. Also listed under thrillers - E £6
Many people are familiar with budget airlines, occasionally a chance meeting may lead to romance. Only when a passenger disrupts a flight with a gun things are unlikely to improve quickly. Well, that depends on just who is on board. Emma had been hoping for a quiet flight, the threat of violence just put her back up. Where the adventure would lead after that, well who knows. The only guarantee is that with such a flambuoyant heroine there will be a serious blood trail. Also listed under thrillers - E £6