The first of the Wolf Chronicles, an ongoing saga about the somewhat heroic adventures of Wolfgang Amadeus Robinson, Wolf to most people, whose exploits in space probably exceeded the imagination of most people.

When his rather expensive camera is destroyed by alien weapons fire on a secluded plateau in Spain Wolf is stunned. Only when his picks up a shiny metal gauntlet and retaliates his life changes out of all recognition.

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Contemplating Immortality is supernatural horror novel, the start of the Jack Hawkins saga.

The less said about the Blair Wasp Project the better.

Jack's life was something of a rollercoaster, only there were some strange anomalies, like he seemed to survive the most horrific accidents and even serious suicide attempts. Almost as though he was immortal, even though the injuries still caused him pain. As he sought for answers he began to wonder just who or what was lurking just beyond the boundary to life. Even if he was involved in a supernatural game, if so there were some mean b'sterds out there.
I have heard it said that some people are born evil while others struggle to attain the state. I will leave you to decide how many people you know who fall into the first category. Serious problems arise when these people are in a position of power, I can think of a couple on the African continent who have virtually made tyranny into an art form. Only you don’t need to have a name like Pol Pot to stand out from a crowd. Only this is about a single man who was given the opportunity to stride further than the boundaries of our own planet. Just think, the first human to visit another planet, incredible. Only the impression he created was not one to put a smile on alien faces. In fact it wasn’t long before they had trouble deciding who they needed to fear the most, Blair or the Devil himself.