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Dramatic fiction, gripping genres, thrillers, horror, Sci-fi and more. Many not for the faint hearted. Life in the real world, even if occasionally there are ghosts and aliens. After all why does Sci-fi have to be fiction, it may be a case of what the eye doesn't see actually does exist.

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PHOTOGRAPHY : I also have a website dealing with tuition, sales and the like, mainly for the UK. This is a link to


SPANISH HOLIDAYS: I have a large farmhouse in Andalucia for weekend breaks, holidays, tuition etc. Everything from a relaxing weekend to long term apartment rental.


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600 Hillclimb images is exactly what it says on the cover. I began motorsport photography in 1972 but this book has an initial section from 1974, then flows into the digital age spanning 2000-2002 with an eclectic mix from various hillclimb venues, some of which are extinct. Though mainly a showcase for images the text has some hints and tips for keen photographers. Finlake to Wiscombe with a few casual portraits thrown in and the odd witty comment. My sense of humour may be evident, especially the caption 'No Stirling it does not say made in Korea'.


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They say there are three ‘rules' which lead to the arrest of a murder suspect. Television has made them all familiar, motive, method, opportunity. Perhaps the trouble with the Avery case was deciding exactly what the motive had been. After all, without a murder weapon, the method was open to virtually anyone and it seemed opportunities were readily available.
Life isn't meant to be easy, but after countless years on the force, Blake didn't expect to spend half the case chasing his tail. Brick walls he could handle, it was snakes and ladders he abhorred.

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Appearances are not always as straight forwards as they seem. Take Emma, a stunning young woman who had endured a horrendous childhood, serious physical abuse not only from her father but also countless others. Paedophiles to put it bluntly. Only rather than turn her into a bitter twisted person it had pointed her towards what she saw as a purposeful path through life, helping those whose voice in a courtroom was frequently insufficient. The trouble was it had a tendency to stun the public and almost frighten the police. Not that secretly they didn't admire her, well if they had realised who was behind improving the crime statistics. Do you imagine you could pick her out of a crowd? - E £6 *please be aware that parts of this are rather descriptie in an adult way, some sensitive readers may find some occasional character forming paragraphs a little difficult, it was felt necessary to indicate the intensity of emotions, put reason behind Emma's mask. This book does not glorify unnatural behaviour, that will be all too obvious when punishment is dispensed. NOW AVAILABLE in paperback £9.50 including postage.

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Imagine a world where the air is unbreathable because a tasteless odourless menace hovers unseen, death no more than a membrane away. Remove your mask and you would eventually fall to the ground, a strange fungus seeping from your naked body binding you firmly to await a slow agonizing fate. Yet even those protected from this plague were not safe, savage beasts lurking in the shadows eager to tear, feast on your entrails. Virtually unstoppable demons that could shatter doors, seek out your hiding place. Imagine living on that forsaken planet. The name of this hell hole is unmistakeable. Earth!